Reflets Bleutés


Blue, the colour of dreams, wisdom and contemplation, is a recurrent component of elegance for men and women… it’s the deepest most restful colour.
Indigo blue, cobalt blue, lagoon blue, not to mention uniform blues… Prussian blue, French blue and even denim blue, offbeat blue. Blues come in an amazingly infinite range.

An unexpected colour… for while ancient societies shunned it, today’s blue has become somewhat of a fetish colour for men.
Whatever the shade, bluish glints shimmer echoing the sea.

And the blue of the firmament where peace doves circle…

François Rénier’s favourite blues are: indigo,cobalt, ultramarine, sky, lapis-lazuli, navy, turquoise ocean blue, azure, lagoon, aquamarine, Prussian blue, pastel, denim, sapphire, periwinkle, opal, pea jacket, topaz