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One bag? It has the potential to be millions!

27 June 2018 No Comments

When you enter the François Rénier Paris universe, be prepared to accept an invitation to make each day new. The Parisian brand has devised the concept of a single bag that offers infinite variations on the theme. It puts luxury leather goods within your reach and what is more, lets you customise your handbag. Creator François Rénier offers a broad colour spectrum and an array of fine materials such as full-grain leather along with technical innovations with shark skin-like finishes. These one-off items coordinate as you ring the changes. The brand’s positioning is quintessentially offbeat and totally here and now.


A success story that spans twenty years


In 1998, Parisian creator François Rénier presented a totally unexpected handbag – a pleated paper bag, fitted with nickel-plated brass eyelets sporting a pair of crocodile straps – at the “Première Classe” trade show. In one fail swoop he re-envisioned the haute couture handbag universe and made his debut in the luxury sector with his Un Jour Un Sac concept.

The independent label went on to create a leather goods line that melds styles, textures and materials. François Rénier has something for all modern women from chic sportswear to elegance and sophistication. He shows that sometimes all it takes is a single detail to make a personal image statement through a handbag.

The creator first homed in on a selection of the most noble materials and with his exclusive network of fine leather craftsmen started making luxury handbags as an independent brand.

Today François Rénier Paris has two boutiques in Paris and has spread his passion for handbags to Italy, Japan and Belgium. It is his way of celebrating high quality French leather-working craftsmanship, of reaching out to women who expect quality materials, prefer clean lines and clamour for the real thing.

Millions of possible combinations



François Rénier Paris was first to break the mould and take a stand with his new conceptual approach to luxury leather goods. He empowered women to make their own statements through their handbags. The brand inspires free play with colours, materials, sizes and styles to create daring alliances or elegant combinations.

The Un Jour Un Sac leitmotif is to get its customers to indulge in styling, starting out by choosing a tote bag design, then combining it with a pair of handles picked from the range. The handles could be anywhere on the scale from the utmost in boldness to the last word in timelessness. The bags can be customised further still by adding a pouch to the inside of the tote bags … and of course, given the choice of shades on offer, there is always some matching detail to be found.

Thus, the permutations run into the millions. The fun begins with choosing the tote bag texture. Then there is an amazing variety of handles to create a unique item, that is just as unique as its owner.

Little does it matter whether you are tempted by full-grain leather, nubuck, tweed, printed fabrics, patchwork or braided materials, the tote, shoulder and zipped bags all pair up brilliantly with crocodile, rubber, textile or even fine, full-grain calfskin handles.

A thousand ways to innovate



The brand’s DNA has the inborn capacity to regenerate and reinvent itself in a thousand ways. François Rénier Paris has made the unexpected its hallmark through vivid colours, softer shades and clever textures.

The brand calls on every woman to express herself through her bags and be guided by her intuition. It is easy to transform an everyday tote bag into an evening bag simply by changing its handles.

And right in the thick of play and personalization, Parisian creator François Rénier extended his concept by branching out into handbag jewellery and cashmere accessories. It is his response to today’s chic, spontaneous, city-dwelling, glamourous and independent woman.

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