A brand

In 1996, François Rénier ventured out with luxury hand-crafted goods.

In 1998, François Rénier presented a pleated paper bag, fitted with eyelets sporting a pair of crocodile straps at the “Première Classe” trade show at the Tuileries Gardens, Paris. In one fail swoop he re-envisioned the handbag universe through his un jour un sac concept. His paper tote was soon joined by its leather alter ego, then textile and technical material versions were added.

The brand has really taken off in France since he opened boutiques in Paris. In Italy, Japan and just lately in Brussels new partnerships have blossomed.

Since 2016, the François Rénier Paris range has a broader base featuring coordinating bag accessories, along with cashmere scarves that made their first outing in the 2016-2017 Autumn/Winter collection.

A creator driven by passion

François Rénier has always been fascinated by materials and admired the craftspeople who give them shape.

He has spun a network of fine leather workshops that form the very core of his universe. François Rénier Paris – French know-how and craftsmanship at their pinnacle.

A know-how

Today François Rénier Paris celebrates French leather-working craftsmanship and lays claim to a distinctive, offbeat and unexpected approach to luxury…